What is the LFMTE Manual Traffic Exchange Script?

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The LFMTE Script shares it’s core code with the highly successful and market tested Login Frequency Marketing (LFM) membership site software.  The new LFMTE Traffic Exchange Script is owned and developed by the highly respected marketers Robert Puddy and top rated industry programmer Josh Abbott… this script has been designed by marketers for marketers.

LFMTE is more than just a software script it is the best traffic exchange script, mentor-ship community, support network, and turnkey business for anyone interested in owning and operating a successful membership site. If you want to seamlessly launch a traffic exchange, you will want to launch with LFMTE.

The traffic exchange game has changed and to win in the new socially connected Internet requires a 21st century script, not one that was created and practically abandoned a decade ago. In addition to the core script there is ongoing development with an average of one new module or script upgrade every 30 to 60 days. If you host with LFMTE Hosting the script updates will be installed for you.

What would it be like to know you never have to work alone?

Every month owners of LFMTE traffic exchanges gather for a monthly mastermind session where Robert Puddy and Josh Abbott provide training and share their insights with the owners. In addition to great training, JV and advertising co-op deals are discussed and those in attendance get early bird access to the latest updates and discounts on the new modules. Collectively, LFMTE’s creators and independent traffic exchange owners represent the leaders in the industry… the means we lead trends and are the innovators. By launching a new traffic exchange or converting an existing LJ, Ventrino, ACMS or other script you will be ahead of 99% of the marketplace. 

What are the core features of the script?LFMTE Script Large Box 229x300 About LFMTE

  • Dynamic Surf Ratios allows you to reward your surfers and keep activity high among your committed members.
  • The Hits Connect site checker installed by default so you can automate site vetting to keep your exchange virus free… saves you time and money.
  • Surfing bonus module so you can add in special surf bonus pages to help increase activity and convert more upgrades and sales.
  • Integrated competition feature to easily conduct competitions with other LFMTE owners to grow your membership and profits.
  • Forum integration allowing you to own you own forum. Once set-up you can create a community among your surfers and encourage members to surf and promote your traffic exchange.
  • Downline builder module pre-populated with high converting programs providing you with affiliate options available right from the start (you can change or add your choice of programs at any time).
  • Affiliate toolbox to easily build an affiliate army the provides instructions and resources to help your members make money by promoting your LFMTE traffic exchange.  You can add as many banners, pre-written emails, and splash pages as you want and this will double your growth by giving members quality promotion tools making it easy for them to share your site with others.
  • Premium administration dashboard giving you a state of the art platform including financial reporting, site growth and traffic states… you also control all advertising  functions on the site.
  • Custom update-able anti cheat settings allowing you to keep your exchange free of cheaters and fraudulent accounts.
  • Comprehensive one time offer and login offer system that will triple sales and give you an unfair advantage over sites with a less impressive script.
  • Third party autoresponder integration so you can easily build a subscriber list as your exchange grows. One big secret of successful exchange owners is that they build two list… a members database and autoresponder list.
  • Get your URL off the blacklists… if you don’t know what I mean you really need LFMTE and our training.
  • State of the art IPN system allowing multiple payment processors. Easily create payment payment buttons for Pay Pal, Alert Pay, 2 Checkout and others.
  • Advanced merchants set-up allowing you to sell other products beyond credits packages and upgrades from within the LFM secure delivery system.
  • Monthly Training conferences… so you remain on the leading edge of traffic exchange ownership. Every new strategy devised to run our own traffic exchange empires will be discussed and given to LFMTE owners in these conferences.
  • Integrated affiliate marketing pre-populated so that your new exchange begin making you money once installed. Your installation comes with log-in offers and One-Time-Offers already set-up and ready to convert sales for you.
  • Everything is included even your new sales copy *(Graphics not included)

Getting started with LFMTE and LFM is easy, I would like to offer you a free account at both membership sites so that you can review the full details about the scripts to determine if they are right for your business. Simply join both sites using the links below. LFMTE save50 About LFMTE

*** LFMTE Traffic Exchange Script (Special Partner Discount Link)

Join LFMTE Free Here: LFMTE Traffic Exchange Script

Join LFM Free Here: LFM Membership Site Script

In addition to securing your free memberships above, I would like to invite you to join me for a complementary consultation with you in order to discuss your specific wants and needs. I can help you explore the best methods to achieve your goals and set you on the path to profitability with a no-nonsense review with expert advice resulting in a personalized action plan.

Be sure to review all of the primary pages on this site from the top line menu above and submit your request for a consultation so that we cab begin the process of helping you today.

Thank you for visiting our site and best wishes along your online success journey!

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  • Ronaldorourke

    Does this script allow a chatbox to be installed ?

    • http://www.AskJamesHolmes.com/ JamesHolmesOnline

      Yes we have a chat box mod/plug-in which comes with a self installer. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.

  • Traffic-Diamond

    How do you go about getting the mod?

  • http://www.AskJamesHolmes.com/ JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Traffic-Diamond – If you do not already have a free LFMTE account grab one here http://www.lfmtescript.com/partnerdiscount

    If you have an account (or once you have joined) simply log into your account and click on the tab labeled ‘PlugIns’ and you can purchase your mods from there. If you need any help just let me know.


  • Traffic-Diamond

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am a member running the lfmte script. under plugins it only shows the Signup Bonus, easy forum installer, and random referrals…

  • Traffic-Diamond

    nm sorry found wasnt clicking on the main tab, was just clicking the dropdown. THanks :) duh

  • Jerome

    Please advice me about the level of difficulty to install it. I will also require some advice relating the band with require for a beginner TE.

  • bo

    how do I join LFMTE for free to check it out? The link you provide doesn’t work, it takes me to your sales page. I want to see what it’s like first